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Piano Concerto in A minor
National Arts Centre Orchestra and Eivind Gullberg Jensen, conductor
31 January, 01 February 2018
Southam Hall, Ottawa
Natasha Gauthier, Artsfile

“Barefoot and supremely talented, Alice Sara Ott shines in NAC debut”
“Her playing in the Grieg Piano Concerto was driven, assertive, full of sinew and fire. Ott has said that as she has matured she has abandoned overly clever, fussy interpretations of this concerto in favour of Grieg’s own honest, humble spirit.
Although she sometimes lifted right off the bench with the vigour of her attack, you always felt she was caught up in the athletic spirit of digging deep, not putting on an ostentatious display. Her keen attention to the orchestra was exemplary; the dreamy, tender second movement felt like chamber music. Ott’s technique was secure and consistent.”

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