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In the May edition of Italy’s l’Officiel, an interview with Alice about the beauty of a universal language, how music can stop time, and the importance of revolutionizing the concept of classical.

Considered by many experts the greatest living interpreter of Chopin, at just 29 years old Alice Sara Ott, who could pass for a model, wants to revolutionize the concept of classical. When she sits down in front of those 88 keys she manages to transform the most complicated classical music into easy melodies within everyone’s grasp.
“I think music today has become so available, that it has lost its value, is her honest and profound truth. Everyone can listen to and appreciate everything, but to manage to also make works of classical music so courtly and simple is something not many can do.
Classical music shouldn’t be exclusive, I think it’s a terrible mistake to want to make it so intellectual. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand it; you learn about it by listening”.

Alice Sara Ott l'Officiel interview

READ the interview (in Italian)

photos: Robin Kater | styling: Kilian Kerner

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